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Cigar Etiquette

Never light another’s cigar; the smoker will most likely draw in too hard, which is bad for a cigar, so offer your lighter or matches to them.

Label on, or off? That is a long standing debate that has no clear end in sight. Leaving it on allows people to see what you’re smoking (Oh! I see you smoke Don Collins, have you another ?). Removing the label takes a little practice. They are glued on, and you don’t want to tear the wrapper. You should smoke the cigar a bit to warm it up, then carefully remove the band.

Smelling a cigar is frowned upon in most cigar stores. It is better to test its quality by lightly grasping it – but take care to not hold it too tightly or else you’ll crack it.

Ashes. Don’t wait too long to knock them loose; you don’t want it to end up smudging your clothing, tablecloth or carpeting. Keep an eye out for a small crack in the ash, then tap into an ashtray.

You don’t have to grind out your cigar in an ashtray, because it will go out on its own very quickly. If you do, you could wind up releasing even more odors into the air. Be considerate of non-smokers. When you find yourself in a non-smoking area, put out the cigar or move to a designated smoking area if asked. If you’re dining or relaxing in an establishment that allows cigar smoking, it is your privilege to continue; should a patron question your right, let the management handle it.

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