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What We Do

The Royale Palm Cigar Company provides our clients with everything they need to begin selling cigars at their place of business. As a company, we provide the most cost effective way to purchase cigars worldwide at wholesale prices and without limits and minimums. We represent over 300+ brands worldwide from major manufacturers to the up and coming cigar brands.

In a competitive marketplace, retailers and distributors that have the very best products and pricing are the most successful.

Fresh Cigars


Cigars have been symbols of celebration, victory, success and prestige throughout history. At Royale Palm Cigar we help our clients to create an environment worthy of such revelry! We pride ourselves on offering the very best products and services to bring the cigar Experience to Light!

Services We Provide

Below are just some of the services we offer:

  • Everything needed to begin selling cigars at your place of business; Cigars, Humidors and Accessories

  • Initiatives and events to promote your business

  • Marketing research to determine the optimal brands for optimal revenue

  • Pricing assistance

  • Loyalty program assistance for marketing

  • Promotional assistance

  • Ongoing monitoring for optimal cigar offerings

  • Outstanding client service

Rolling a Cigar
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